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Organize Your Life during Ramadan

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Organize Your Life during Ramadan As we are spiritually preparing for Ramadan, I would like to suggest the following program to help everyone – including those of us who go to work early or to school – have an enjoyable, organized, and well-spent month. Many people think that fasting demands a tremendous amount of energy. […]

$1Million Campaign ends

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By the Grace, Mercy, Blessings and Guidance of God Almighty we have finally reached the end of the Muslim friends of Osler $1Million fund-raising campaign for the Brampton Civic Hospital with the last and quickest fundraiser ($130K) on Sunday May 25. Everyone was surprised when we announced to the audience and to the hospital staff […]

Thanks a lot

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Salam everyone, On behalf of Faith of Life Network, Sayeda Khadija Centre and ALM Academy we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continuous support esoecially in the month of Ramadan. By the Grace of the Almight Allah, we were able to raise $100K for both hospitals Etobicoke General Hospital and […]

What are the pillars of Islam?

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The religion of Islam is built on five pillars which every Muslim who is sane and pubert must perform:
 1. The Testimony of Faith (al-Shahadatan): There is no one worthy of worship except God/Allah and Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. 
 2. Performing the five obligatory Salat: These are specific daily prayers performed at […]

What is Life?

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(Life: Greek Zoe; Latin vita; French La vie, German Das Leben; Arabic al-Hayaat الحياة) Life is a multi-faceted concept. There has not been a consensus in defining life for the simple reason that everyone sees the manifestations of life in different ways. Unlike in religion , the scientists focus on the biochemical aspect of life, […]

What is Faith?

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What is the difference between Faith and Religion? Are these two words for the same thing? Faith is more about belief, conviction and assurance, whereas religion is about a set of creeds, rituals, systems and institutions. Faith is a personal conviction and a personal experience whereas religion is a shared practice and system.

What is Islam?

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Although it is very often portrayed as being complex, unaccommodating, unrealistic and a difficult religion, Islam is actually very simple to understand and practice; its simplicity is its main strength since it is a religion of common sense and natural way known as fitrah. Islam is the religion that all the Prophets and Messengers of […]