Our Background:

Started only as an idea with a website and a TV Show then an online TV, Faith of Life Network (FLN) was founded in 2005 by Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi to focus the attention of North American Muslims on the importance of the image of Islam and the crucial need for Muslim involvement in any work or project of common good and interest.
The impetus, the driving force, the illumination and the philosophy stem from the universal Qur’anic invitation to that which gives life (Qur’an, 8:24) and the Prophetic tradition that teaches that the best people on earth are those who are of service to humanity.
In addition to serving the Muslim community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) through Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga, the Network supports and concentrates on Educating the world about the religion of Islam in a universal manner through multimedia, interfaith programs, social events and social work.

Faith of Life Network promotes different interfaith programs and organizes different events throughout the year including during Ramadan month Iftars and prayers. The organization supports other local and federal charitable organizations and promotes community involvement and engagement in mainstream society.

Since 2009 FLN has been operating out of its Sayeda Khadija Centre located at 7150 Edwards Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5S 1Z1. The centre offers different religious services including daily prayer services, weekly congregational prayers as well as all rites of passage services for the community. The centre also offers spiritual counseling and religious guidance, volunteering opportunities, youth and senior citizens programs and activities, evening and weekend religious classes for children and adults as well as food collection and distribution for the poor and the needy. Sayeda Khadija Centre opens its doors to different visitors including college and high school students for world religion classes, members of churches and temples, or simply for people seeking information about Islam and Muslims.

Our Mission:

– To promote the positive value of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Canada and around the world, by building communities through shared religious observance, quality educational programs, mutual support and networking, and service to humanity.

Our Objectives:

– To provide spiritual and educational programs and programming for the Muslim communities of Canada.
– To promote a healthy balance between faithful living and living life among the Muslims of Canada.
– To help create Muslim communities of mutual support through networking, high quality educational programming, religious observance and community service.
– To equip Canada’s Muslims for respectful and helpful outreach, bridge building and dialogue with our fellow citizens: finding common ground through shared service while acknowledging the value of every person’s humanity and spirituality.
– To promote through high quality education and useful service the positive value of Islam for Muslim and non-Muslim alike in Canada and around the world.

Our Program:

  • Spiritual
  • Educational & Social
Friday Congregational prayers
Daily Salat prayers
Special Events & Lectures on different occasions
Friday Night Halaqa in English followed with Dinner
Sunday Lectures followed with refreshments
Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers
Ramadan Iftar Dinners on weekends
Classes & Study Circles for all ages
Monthly Tahajjud & Dhikr Program followed with Breakfast
Imam’s office (Spiritual Guidance – Consultation)
Marriage & New Birth Services
Funeral prayers Services
Interfaith & Outreach Programs
“Share the Food in the Neighbourhood” (300 meals/month to shelters and interim places in GTA)
Educational Workshops & Seminars
Support of Charitable programs & projects focused on enhancing quality of life in Canada
Library & Reading Room
Conference Room
Senior Citizens Programs & Activities
Recreational facilities (Gymnasium – Children Indoor Playground)
Indoor & Outdoor Sports Activities (for all ages)
Evening & Weekend religious Classes for Children and Youth
Youth Leadership Program ; Youth Orientation & Mentoring
Community Multi-use Hall